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Welcome to my website. Thirty years ago I retired from my lecturer’s post in Higher education, and in my subsequent freelance career wrote many successful TEFL Courses and reading materials. For five years I edited the English Language Teaching Journal, published by Oxford University Press. Now in my seventies, I have written my first novel The Water Babes, to be published 28 July. An ebook version is also available.

Brief professional history.

Some of my freelance work involved lecturing overseas for the British Council; co-leading the Council’s scheme for recognising  private EFL schools in the UK; and working for University of Cambridge local examinations syndicate (UCLES).But most of my freelance work involved editing The English Language Teaching Journal published by Oxford University Press; and especially writing TEFL courses and reading materials for teenagers, also published by OUP.

My course books and simplified readers have sold over 25 million copies worldwide, and involved promotional author tours all over the world, in for example Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Japan, Poland, Greece, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. For more information please see the section called My TEFL titles.

I stopped writing TEFL materials about ten years ago. Rather than sitting around in blissful retirement I began writing a play, which eventually turned into my first novel, The Water Babes.

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