An early success: a reading comprehension series

My first publishing success was a book called Reasons for Reading. This was the first in a series: the other two were Strategies for Reading and Study Skills for Reading. The series is now sadly out of print, but judging by the number of photocopies made from the first book, it is still widely used. The series was also a success d’estime, and is quoted/referred to in academic books about ELT reading.

Courses for teenagers

I have also written many successful multi-volume ELT courses for teenagers, all published by Oxford University Press. Amazon lists over 150 of my ELT titles, which include course books, workbooks, teachers’ books, and cassettes.

In summary, my global courses included Open Doors and Dream Team. My courses for individual countries included Team up! (for Greece), English Champions (for Italy), Open House (for countries where American English is used), and the conversation series Passport (for Japan).

In their time, most of these books were influential and original. But given that TEFL is highly prone to fashions and trends (not to mention intense commercial pressures and changes in technology), some of the titles are now largely of historical interest.

Dream Team Open Doors Open House

Original stories for  guided, or simplified reading materials

I have also written six original stories for EFL students. These too are listed on Amazon, and readily available, and popular. The stories are also used  by teachers of so called ‘reluctant readers’ in the UK, and by students of all ages on literacy programmes. Written at various defined levels, the stories are published by Macmillan Educational (formerly Heinemann Educational). The three levels and six titles are: